Thursday, December 24, 2009

Juls Gives To Needy At Christmas

"TIMES MAY BE TOUGHER this year, but a lot more Christmas gifts are being wrapped for Barbados' needy children.

Word of this came yesterday from acting director of the Child Care Board, Denise Nurse...

While Christmas was "a time of giving and sharing", some families were short of food and their children had no toys, she pointed out.

Nurse made the comments at the board's Cheapside, Bridgetown headquarters, after receiving several toys, games and books from former St Thomas resident Julia Robinson...

Robinson, who now lives in Washington, DC, United States, said she knew how it felt to be without gifts at Christmas, being one of 13 children in a family in which getting a balloon at Christmas was an achievement."
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  1. Barkee, This year has overwhelmed me. I got some many donations it's unbelievable. I will be donating on Dec 23rd.

    I will also keep you posted on the offical launching of The Smiles Foundation.

    To God be the Glory!