Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Proud mom, Juls, shows off her Mother's Day frock next to her shiny car
"Sometimes the census man comes round to count the population,
And mother always says to him: "housewife's my occupation".
But housewife means a lot of things, at least it does to mother..."

Unfortunately, those are the only lines I can still remember from a poem I had to learn and recite for a Mother's Day Sunday School Program when I was a child of about 7 or 8 years old.  It went on to list several things that mothers do as housewives, some of them quite herculean in scope.  My own mother passed away several years ago but her presence is still enduring in a lot of ways.  So to mothers everywhere I say Happy Mother's Day - whatever that means to you.

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture Perfect Mullins Beach Barbados

Mullins Beach, Barbados May 6,2010 (click image to enlarge)
So, I was "liming" on the breakwater after eating my lunch at Mullins Beach yesterday and snapped the above photo of what still is for this blogger what is truly one of my favorite spots on the planet.  It probably has something to do with the fact that I was born just across the road from this location on a spot now occupied by a "LIME" (the main telecommunications company on the island) - no pun intended.  Back then the whole area was still called Bayfield after the sugar plantation which owned the lands.  But beyond being around where my navel string was buried it always brings a sense of pride when the tour buses and cabs slow down so others from all over the world can catch a glimpse of this magical location.  It remains one of the last locations on the west coast of Barbados where one can peek at the white coral sands and the world famous Barbados Blue Caribbean Sea from Route 1 which was the main "highway" on the island up to about twenty years ago.

Double murder shocks Grenadian district

"A double murder, one of the most gruesome killings in Grenada in recent history, on Monday evening sent shock waves through the Balthazar area and throughout the rest of the island.
The heads of former police officer and farmer/proprietor Clyde Greenidge of Birchgrove in St Andrew's and labourer Christopher Stafford of Byeland, also in St Andrew's, were brought into the Grenville Police Station by their alleged slayer at about 6:15 p.m.
Informed sources told Grenadian newspaper New Today that Steve Gorrie rolled out the heads of the two men, from a white bucket, onto the counter of the Grenville Police Station, sending officers into shock and disbelief. A policewoman was reported to have fainted..."

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Archbishop Holder: No ordaining gays

"ARCHBISHOP OF THE WEST INDIES Dr John Holder has ruled out ordaining any actively gay priest.

Archbishop Holder, who is also Bishop of Barbados, made it clear to the WEEKEND NATION that he wouldn't be breaking with church tradition in the Caribbean by participating in or sanctioning such.

"I accept [gays] as children of God, but I will not encourage them; and I will not engage, I say, in any ordination of persons whom I know are actively involved in [homosexual] relationships," Holder said in an interview in New York..."
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Killer Nuts

"i tawt i was gine dead wednesday foreday morning. i had a really bad allergic reaction to almonds tuesday nite so i took some benadryl and went to bed hoping it wear off during the nite. then bout 2.00am i woke up still swollen, now the hives looking more like warts and itching from head tuh toe, and now uh seeing all kinds uh spots and stars blurring my vision, de bedroom feel like it moving, body feeling real real weak and like i got red ants eating me up, tried to open my mouth but not a sound would come out..."

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